Improv Month by spinygumbo
July 6th, 2017, 6:49 pm
When I started this webcomic, I had a bunch of comics already in the tank and a biweekly publishing schedule. Before too long, I started drawing less and less, until I was really just doing the comic a day or two before the publish date. I kind of don't like waiting weeks and weeks to see what kind of response a comic will get.

Also, I realized my drawing style is evolving quickly, as I learn what sorts of things work better or worse for me. I decided I need more practice than just twice a week. I'm spending July forcing myself to draw a cartoon a day, and I don't decide what I'm drawing until the day of, so that I can't overthink it.

Cartoonists usually hate suggestions on what to draw. But improv comedy is based on the idea that you can do some interesting stuff if you force yourself to work from other people's random suggestions and come up with the jokes on the fly.

So, for all of July, I'm only drawing things that my readers here and on Facebook suggest. So far, I mostly like the effect. I'm sure there will be some duds, and I'm sure I'll get sick of this pace in another week or two, but that's okay. There have already been a couple that I didn't think would be very strong, but I'm happy with how they came out. My goal each day is to make a cartoon that incorporates the idea I was given, but that is still understandable (and hopefully funny) to a reader with no context.

Anyway, keep the suggestions coming. I'll be back to a normal biweekly schedule in August.